2 minor bugs to report in Dorico 4.3 on Mac

Hello, I’ve got Dorico 4.3 and it works great with 2 minor but annoying exceptions:

  1. when I have it open and put the computer to sleep, playback is silent unless I fully quit the app and restart it. This is 100% reproducible. I’m using NotePerformer, and no prior versions of Dorico suffered from this.
  2. In a piece for piano and baritone, if I copy the piano line, and then attempt to paste it into a future piano measure that only has rests, it pastes the left hand into the baritone. I’ve found 1 weird workaround: I have to enter a note, and then command-click both the note AND the measure rest of the other piano hand. Then pasting works. This is a regression from the most recent Dorico version.

Thanks for great work! 4.3 is so much better in every other way.

I’m just looking at your second problem - I’m afraid I can’t reproduce it, though. Would you be able to provide a short example project and/or some screenshots that show exactly what you have selected when you do the copy and where you are clicking? Does the same thing happen if you use cmd-c/cmd-v instead of alt-click?


The 2nd bug only happens when pasting into a measure that has no other information. To reproduce, use the “add new measure” button at the end of the last measure. You’ll see a new measure is added with a full measure rest. click the full measure rest and paste.


This is because in this case the thing you have selected before you paste is a multi-bar rest rather than a normal rest. Multi-bar rests are calculated over all the instruments in a given layout, so they don’t actually belong to a specific staff in the way that normal rests do. This means that Dorico is not able to determine where the pasted material should go if you have a multi-bar rest selected. One way around this would be to go into note input mode, as if the caret is showing then it is the caret position that is used for pasting rather than the selection.

I understand - but as you can see in the video, I am selecting only 1 of the rests. This gives the impression that it is actionable with paste. That’s why it gives the impression of being a bug. Thanks for reply!

This is good to know: In other words, multi-bar rests are “system” objects. So we can’t paste into them any more than to a tempo mark or a rehearsal mark.