2 Minute Hang on VST3 on start-up - resolved

Why has 10.0.20 introduced a 2 minute has on Vst 3 on starting up?

Something must have changed. If it continues, you probably need to follow the “hiding strategy” outlined in the “Solving VST Plug-in Trouble” section linked here. Good luck… Blah. :wink:


Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks Prock I will look into that. Strange though that this is new behaviour. No new vst 3s added for a while or updated.

Weirdly the problem has gone away and the wait time is now normal. I didn’t do anything. Not sure what that was?

What plugin was it? It might have been called home to mom to check the licenses are valid?

No plugin indicated. I had not added anything for at least a month.

It might be something that checks on regular bases, not only on installation.

Weirdly you have just pointed me to a possible answer as the other day and I had forgotten about this I reinstalled a PSP plugin (as they have migrated to this system) using PACE authorisation and it was after this that the vst3 started to scan more quickly. Perhaps that was the answer? Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately a product of piracy. If everyone paid for their software there would be no need for such complicated software protection systems. The number of times that I have scratched my head in puzzlement trying to authorise plugins has led me to avoid many plugin vendors like Slate …

I avoid cracked software because of the instability they introduce and the fear of putting software vendors I like out of business.