My new Mac Studio with Ventura is hooked up to 2-monitors. Can I have the N12 mix window in one the edit in the other…

Yes, of course.

how is it done? can’t find in the manual

Open the mixer and move it to the second monitor.

Yes it worked - i saved it to a new preset - when i opened it - back to a single monitor and the edit window - it’s a computer it’s shouldn’t have to be so hard - pt has a similar bug you have to expand the tray by hand before loading a dual monitor preset …s

Having multiple workspace presets is a bonus to deal with various needs and configurations. So you can have one to suit that mixer-on-1-edit-on-2, or vice-versa, or mixer in one monitor and metering in the other, or midi editor in one and score editor in other, or even one with split editors and other with whatever… it is really powerful.

Window handling is a task for the OS.
Mixer and Project view are independent windows. The OS should remember the last position.

Alternatively, you could use Workspaces. But this simple task should work without Workspaces.
At least it does on my Windows 11.
Make sure the windows are in full screen.

With more windows open, it becomes more complicated.

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