2 mono tracks to 1 stereo track


What would be the easiest way to get 2 mono tracks to 1 stereo track? (working in cubase 6.01)

I have a load of keyboard tracks in a recent multi track project that i have done and L&R channels were captured to individual mono tracks. I have been creating a group channel for each keyboard take to put them on one fader but this seems a bit silly as the project gets busy with to many faders. I also tried creating a new stereo channel and setting the output of each mono channel to the input of the stereo channel and running it through and recording in real time.

I’m sure there must be a simpler way to do make a stereo channel of the two mono.?


Well, I don’t think there’s a quick fix, like dragging mono tracks onto stereo tracks - unless I’ve just missed this feature. It’d be nice of course. And there’s nothing in the pool for doing this either - that’d be nice again…

So, what I’d do is to set up my project with all the mono channels panned L/R, as expected, each going to their own vanilla stereo group. Then I’d use the export option (don’t forget to set the Left/Right locators) to export each group channel as a stereo interleaved file, and import the results as new tracks (non-real-time). Then delete the old mono tracks, hopefully job done.

Although I’ve never used batch export I’ll bet you could use it to export them all in one hit.


Thanks Mike

I tried creating a stereo track then dragging the two monos in but that didn’t work. Was worth a try.

When importing the exported group files I don’t suppose they will remember the original position in the project?
Which is the one advantage of recording it to a new channel in real time.

I’ll give it a go safe in the knowledge that I’m not overlooking a much easier way to do it :slight_smile:
Any yes I think batch export will do it all in one hit


Set your locators at the start and end of the project and use the batch export. That way, all files will begin at the same point, so they won’t need to remember their original position.

If you export as Broadcast Wav format then they ‘remember’ their timecode location and you can use ‘move to origin’. But, if you tick ‘import to pool’ or something like that, project too, then thay’ll be placed at the correct location anyway.

One thing I like about recording groups or channels rather than exporting is that I can play the song through in record then interactively record-arm on/off tracks as it plays. This saves me some disk space if say there’s a few isolated clips throughout the song. In this case it’s quicker than exporting individually too.