2 MR816CSX's with ADAT Inputs..

hello Steinberg users…

I run two MR8’s connected serially via firewire in my studio. I am expanding my set up with a Universal Audio
410-D four channel mic amp with ADAT output and possibly adding ADAT out from my AKAI sampler.

I would like to do this without the addition of a master clock source. Are there any users out there using two
MR’s and connecting external gear via ADAT? Will I have to connect the MR’s via ADAT and sync off the master unit?
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! :question:

I do that. You need a sync source, but the mr is good at that. I use bnc to sync mostly, but I’ve tried sync over adat and that works as well.

Hey grasshopper…

Are your MR’s connected serially via firewire or just the main unit? I was told to sync the second MR in the chain via
BNC OR ADAT with the main unit. This would result in monitoring unit 1 through “anaolog” 1-8, unit 2 through the ADAT bus and the new A/D through the second ADAT bus? :question:

They are chained via firewire as well as spdif for monitoring.

If you just want to use just the 2 mr’s then yes connect them via adat and direct analog channels to digital channels, then you can monitor all 16 channels from any output.

I however have other adat devices, so I connect the adat to the other devices and pass the monitoring over spdif. I can only monitor two channels that way if I use direct monitoring, but I find lately I haven’t been using direct monitoring, I’ve been monitoring through cubase, which gives me a lot of options using the control room.
This gives me a total of 28 channels (I lose 4 for monitoring via spdif) which is what I need for recording a group all at once, and I find it handy to just leave all the instruments with their own dedicated channels so I don’t have to reconfigure when I want to record something.

There’s a lot of ways to set this up, this is just how I find it works for me. Lately I’ve been thinking that a small external mixer would be good, I would plug 2 outs from each mr, and then the speakers into the mixer, this way I wouldn’t lose the 4 channels for the spdif, and I could use direct monitoring if I wanted. Just kicking that one around.