2 niggly C10 issues that one of you could probably solve in seconds.....

Hi, since upgrading to C10 pro, I’ve noticed two annoying things, I would appreciate if anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong…

  1. In my Cubase Project folders, the icons have switched round so the “BAK” files now have the CUBASE icon and the “Cubase Project” files have the “Blank sheet” icon. They were the other way around in 9.5 ( as I like it) and I cannot work out to reverse them.

  2. If I go to a cubase project and click “open with Cubase 10” it still opens with Cubase 9.5, even if it is a project I STARTED in Cubase 10.

    Not major issues as C10 is working beautifully for me, but these minor things are bugging me.

Advise appreciated.


2 AFAIK, right click on a project, choose open with. There choose C10 and make sure always use this program is ticked. How exactly differs from OS to OS. It is easier on Win7

Thanks, but still opens in C9.5, even with C10 open, I don’t even need to use C9.5 anymore. Can’t find the “always open with” either.

I’m on W10, by the way…

I found that Cubase 10 just did not want to share my PC with 9.5 nothing but problems. Like there was some internal conflict as to which one would open a project. Uninstalling 9.5 resolved most of my issues.