2 of 3 staves empty but showing

Exactly as Leo says above this comment, the convention is only to append abbreviated instrument names with a full stop (period) if the last letter of the abbreviation is not the last letter of the full name. Hence “Vc.” but “Vln”; “Fl.” and “Cl.” but “Hn” and “Tpt”.

In your project, one of the basson’s names had been overridden to add the period, which I reset to the default in order to allow consolidation of the names for the condensed staff labels. There are also options regarding e.g. the number stacking in condensed staff labels that might be of interest.

Specifically what I was talking about in that comment was the engraving option for the horizontal offset of player labels - by default, they’re -2 spaces from their rhythmic position, so they appear slightly jutting to the left, but immediately on p1 in your score you could see how that bumped them above the pp dynamic for an instrument (I can’t remember which off the top of my head) that was already stem-up due to the 2nd instrument on that staff not playing - that was putting quite a lot of pressure on vertical spacing. By changing the player label offset to -3 spaces, that meant it no longer collided with the dynamic and appeared snug above the staff just a bit further to the left. You can make a judgement as to whether you like that in the project overall or not, but as player labels aren’t (iirc) an item you can disable collision avoidance for, this might reduce the need for vertical spacing tweaks, even if you do end up nudging player labels around a bit anyway.

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Thank you all for your detailed answers! I like the effect of setting “horizontal offset of player labels” to -3. However, In the condensed staves, when only the “1” of both players is playing, dynamics are shown above the staff which creates some collision. Is there a way to make the default for this below the staff?

(The thing with the labels for the bassoons now works perfectly! :smiley: )

Not to my knowledge, because if you’re using voices to indicate which players are playing, that would be ambiguous. You could look at the Notation Options for condensing and perhaps not show rests for resting players, and rely just on player labels.

Oh! Hiding the rests gets the results that I was looking for. Thank you!