2 open projects in Cubase 12 Pro

I created an OMF file from a different DAW (Sonar). I can easily export the OMF file in to Cubase 12 Pro retaining the tracks used. I want to be able to export this OMF file into one of my templates. Can I have two Cubase 12 projects open at the same time so that I can just copy and paste the 1st project in to my template which would be the 2nd window.

Cubase 12 Pro latest version


Alan Russell

You can open two projects, but only one can play back at a time. One is active, that’s the one you can play back, and others could be open for moving things around.


Import the OMF. Save it as common CPR file. Crate a new project from your Template and use the Import from Project function. Import from your newly created CPR file.

thank you everybody for your suggestions and everything worked out perfect I will have another question about plug-ins which are causing me lock ups in cubase 12 Professional and I might have to delete them so that will be coming next.

Alan Russell.