2 or more soundcards in Cubase

Hi all

This might be a real greenhorn question… but… can 2 (or more) soundcards be used in Cubase?
I’ve searched a lot and checked the manuals but somehow I cant see how to use 2 different soundcards at a reasonable latency in Cubase. This works perfectly in Samp (and even in the older Samp versions).

I can get both cards to work in Cubase with the directX ASIO Driver but latency is too high.

Ok, so this is what I want to do…
Record over my old hammerfall 9652 and the master out goes thru the m-audio audiophile. Till now I worked with the hammerfall SPDIF outputs. The problem is, I can only select one ASIO driver in cubase. So its either the hammerfall or the m-audio driver (or the directx ASIO driver for both which is too slow).

My question is, if this is the case, how do you guys work in Cubase with 2 or 3 Soundcards (driver, settings and latency) ?

A second question, can Cubase6 use DirectX Plugins?


ASIO4All may be a solution. Re: directX, there are wrappers to get them to work. ffx seems to ring a bell.

Thanks for the answer.
I guess I’ll just end up upgrading the old Hammerfall to a new HDSP Hammerfall 9652 with 1 Expansion board (4 ins/outs) and get rid of all the other old stuff… and just work with one card… and then I can also move on to WIN-7 64bit :wink:

and yes, the DX wrapper looks interesting. I’ll try the FFX4 and see if all goes well. Thanks again.