2 or more vst's to one midi channel - possible?

Is it possible to route 2 or more different vst’s to one midi channel?
I can’t find anything about it in the manual.

If you mean channel, yes. If you mean track, no.

Aloha B,

Actually the routing would be to:
‘Send’ MIDI info on a single MIDI channel to
two (or more) MIDI devices capable of receiving MIDI
data on that channel.

If you use the C6 HalionSE plug-in, you can ‘stack’ up to
16 sound sources and assign them all to the same
MIDI channel.

Each one can have its own fx/eq/comp etc etc.

If you want to do this with 3rd party plugs there may
be a way using the C6 MIDI insert feature.
But I may be wrong on this.
Perhaps some one will chime in.


Maybe you’ve already got your answer, maybe not.

It is not clear (as others have noted if you mean channel or track) and it is not clear if you mean VST (like and insert fx) or VSTi.

A little more detail and specifics will help someone help you if you don’t already have your answer.


Thank you all so far!

I meant midi track, and VSTi.
For example: I have a midi file on one track and want to have it connected to 2 different VSTi-plugin’s (like VSL-VIP and let’s say Pianoteq).

Is this too much for C6? Should I duplicate the track always in this case?

Thanks again in advance,

That would be 2 or more vsti’s from one midi track!!!

Yes you can, use the MIDI sends.