2 player Sharing Single Instrument

Hi dorico Gang!

I am writing an orchestra piece, and I have 2 percussionists sharing bass drum and tam-tam.
is there an easy way to have a single instrument shared between the players without having 2 separate instruments?

Thank in advance!

Hi @chip715 one way that I would consider is to write the bass drum and tam-tam in a separate player. And assign this player to both percussionist layouts.

Two separate sounds may be able to share a staff (player/kit) but not share an instrument (strictly speaking).

I think this is more a question about the percussionists’ organisation in the actual orchestra.

It is not uncommon to prepare only one percussion part with all the instruments on different lines and hand a copy to each of the players, who would then decide who plays what, and eventually prepare their part with a text marker.


Yes, I agree. For a recent project with two percussionist, they asked to prepare the perc. parts as “score”: with Mallets, Orchestral Percussions and Drumset on three 5-lines staves (and grand staff for the larger mallets if needed) in two identical copies. They managed nicely to decide by themselves who plays what, and in orchestral rehearsal where not many questions needed :wink: