2 Plugin Requests, window size of plugin list in mixer/sidebar and latency display

Hi, since these are both plugins I felt it would be ok to put them in one topic.

  1. The first request is actually something that is driving me crazy… I don’t even have half my plugins installed yet, and I like to categorise by vendor first…
    When i go to insert a plugin, this tiny window pops up that scrolls too fast with the trackpad and it’s literally an effort to get to the manufacturer I want.

Why not allow us to resize the window or at least have it auto adapt vertically, to the maximum capacity of the current resolution, to show as many rows as possible before scrolling is needed? I mean it’s just this tiny little window as it is and one literally has to scroll through all their vendors… so annoying! And then again once they reach the vendor they want, instead of a nice big window showing all the plugins that can be selected! Extremely poor design choice, sorry. At least PT and Logic use the entire length of the screen, which is way better than what Cubase does.

2) Would be very good to be able to hover over an insert and see it’s actual latency for the instance. Or even, as a sort of “second choice but good enough”, for when we hover our cursor over the constrain PDC button, for a little popup to show us the total latency of the plugins we would be bypassing.


if anything, number one is the most important to me. Note. Cubase’s plugin manager does not accurately show latency for most plugins as so many plugins have variable latency… and that will only ever show one arbitrary latency figure. But Cubase DOES get the correct info, as all dynamic latency plugins do compensate perfectly as they are adjusted… So… the means to get the info is already there… we just need a way to display it.

A good workaround for number 2) would be to select a plugin in the manager, and to show the latency of that plugin as currently used in the project, rather than the static arbitrary figure that the plugin manager shows. Sure, some plugins have one specific latency… some have zero., but many have have variable. Almost all izotope products are a perfect example of this, or EQ’s that have varying degrees of minimum and linear phase.