2 possible bugs in Cubase 10.0.15

first: I found out that when you colorize a track with black color the instrument icon becomes all black too, quite weird!
second: Sometimes (most of the times actually) when you try to tag something in the media bay, the tag is not accepted and remains non existent. you have do to the tagging again and then cubase accepts it.
Can someone confirm?


Could you be more specific about the 2nd issue, please?

What file do you want to tag? Is it a file from the internal Cubase library, or is it your own file? Wav, mp3, FLAC… What type? Sample Rate, bit depth…? Could you maybe share an example file? What tag exactly do you write?

My own wav file 16bit 44100 but it happens with vstpresets too

You mentioned that tagging works after a second attempt, which of course is a little strange.

I can think of three scenarios, where you might encounter problems:

1.) If you want to enter new tags (attributes) directly in the search result list, you will have to check “Allow Editing in Results List” in your Cubase preferences (under the section “MediaBay”). Otherwise tagging might not work.

2.) Your file might be locked for some reason.

3.) When you change the attributes of multiple files (=bulk tagging), Cubase will process them in order of input. I once had 46.000 attributes waiting to be written. For obvious reasons, Media Bay cannot process multiple attribute changes simultaneously. In which case they will not immediately appear in your search result list. The files you skip through with your arrow up and down key will be processed immediately though (as far as I remember). So you can try to see if this will make “invisible” tags appear again. There is a little window in the top bar, which displays the amount of attributes waiting to be processed (counting down).

If your mentioned behavior also happens when you change single attributes for one or only a few files, then you would have to be more specific which attributes are affected. I have noticed some odd behaviors for some of the attributes under some circumstances (which might be related to tags / attributes currently being updated).

Anyway, like Martin already mentioned, it would be interesting to get more details or to know which attributes exactly are causing you issues (if the above solutions don’t work)?