2 problems

Just recently upgraded to CB 7.01 from 6.5. I have issues. The upgrade wiped out settings from 6.5. In 6.5 with 2 monitors the mixer was always on my right screen and the recording channels on the left. In order to get the mixer back on the right screen I have to hit the monitor button in devices. It won’t stay the way I want it. Another issue from 6.5 and now on 7 is the screen size won’t stay the same. When I open the program the left screen is always out of proportion and I have to reset it to fit the monitor screen.

Lastly, I don’t have the metronome click sounds anymore (1,2,3,4-1,2,3,4)although the metronome settings are identical to what they are in 6.5
Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Hey! That’s 3 problems! :laughing:

I don’t quite understand what you want regarding the first two, but the metronome problem might have to do with VST Connections. You need a check mark in the “Click” column on the output you want the metronome on, and if you use the control room that has to be set also.

Mac OS 10.8.2, Cubase 7.0.1

You are right, guess I forgot how to count, 8-P.
I had my setup with CB 6.5 so that the mixer was in the right side monitor and the track setup or maybe it is called the project screen on the left monitor. In CB 6.5, when I opened the program, it would show that setup except that the left screen was always out of proportion and I would have to re size it to fit the screen properly. This started with version 6. Never had the problem on version 5. Now that I am using Version 7 when I open the program only the project screen opens and is out of proportion. There is nothing on the right screen except a windows logo. I have to go to devices and click on mixer to get it to show. I am using two monitors.
I have tried setting this as a template but doens’t seem to work.
Thank you for your help.

I’m on mac. Sounds like Windows window probs. Maybe someone else will chime in. Did you try setting up a workspace for that?

Did you sort the metronome?

The metronome now works. Thank you VERY much.

I don’t usually use it but I have a new tune where everything starts on the downbeat so wanted a little help there. As far as the other thing goes, not sure. I will noodle with it some more but may have to resort to tech support. I am sure something is not set right. When this stuff works it is great but when it doesn’t we end up being programmers which distracts from the music.
I do like the VST rack in 7, very handy. Other than that I think it is mostly the same pig with different lipstick, but of course there’s the learning curve.
Again Thank you very much and have a good New Year.

There are a gazillion threads about window management mostly revolving around the problems associated with maximizing cubase and sizing windows within. Good luck!

I was just watching a you tube tutorial and learned a couple of things so will eventually get everything sorted out. I will probably have to watch it a hundred times but there was something about window sizing.