2 Project Audio files, should only be 1

Have noticed something odd in new project creation. When i go into project>Audio! There is 2 Audio files (Kick Drum) but should be only 1.
Render In Place or Bounce In Place have NOT been done.

Is this normal?
Thanks in advance anyone.

Yes, this is normal. Cubase usually creates a file pre-emptively. In case you start to record the data can be written in that file immediately.
You see the file size of the second file is 0 Bytes. When closing Cubase these normally get deleted. Sometimes, however, not and it is safe to delete these 0 Bytes audio files after closing Cubase manually, if they disturb you.

WOW Johnny_Moneto Thankyou for the quick response. I have never noticed that tbh. I think I am possibly noticing it now cos i’m double checking stuff a lot lately LOL.
Thanks again :+1: