2 projects on the screen

Good evening,
I have 2 projects open and must copy a lot between them.
Is it possible to have both of them on the screen or do I have to change between them via “Fenster”?



You could import the flows you need to copy from into one project, then delete those flows when you’re done?

Or, if you’re copying entire flows, just import them – end of process!

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There’s nothing to stop you having two projects open simultaneously. You should only have playback turned on for one of them, though, or each time you switch project the playback engine will reload, and that takes time.

Since IIRC Fenster means Window, I am guessing Piano_Vink is using that method already, but the caution only to have one activated for audio is wise for saving transition time.

Does a shortcut opportunity exist to automate the windows shift? It would save time, but since more than two options could be available, such a shortcut might not be possible.

CTRL+TAB usually shift “window” in Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.
SHIFT+CTRL+TAB reverse direction in the files list.
Sadly Dorico is extremely slow with many projects open, so it’s no option to work like that anyhow. 1-3 projects at most perhaps.