2 Q about Halion4

hello pips!nice samlper, mapped my first samples yesterday, easy and nice, only two basic q popped up that i didnt find in manual, maybe its too intensive so i missed those tings…anywayz:
1.when sample is mapped lets say across two octaves it changes pitch but also sample lentgh.where i can turn it “on” so it wont change speed, only pitch.
2.where i can switch this on that when i hit the key then pressing aontoher key will stop previous keyplayback?is it to do with voicings?

nice summer guys!

1.) Unfortunately cannot be done. Some sort of time stretching/pitch shifting will need to be included in Halion 4 which currently isn’t. Kontakt, the competition can do such a thing.

2.) You will to set the sample to play back in mono mode. This will immediately cut off the previous note being played the instant another note starts being played. You can set this mode in the SOUND TAB under the voice management header.

tnx for clearing little bit of this monster.Hope the timestretch will be featured soon, im kinda surprised they didnt already…

You and I both fellow junglist.