2 questions about 9

  1. When adding a new Instrument track where is the cursor? Is it in the search field?
  2. Let’s say the Info Line is hidden, you select an event and push Ctrl+I to see the Info Line is the event’s info already there or you have to deselect it and select again?

Thank you.


For me…
When I add an instrument track using the right click>add track>instrument method or using the +>add instrument track method, the “Add Instrument Track” settings box comes up. After assigning stuff (if necessary) you click the “Add Instrument Track” button. The track is added and the cursor stays at the location where you last clicked that menu.

Info line… you have to deselect it and select it again for the info to show.

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That’s true in the project window and score edit, but in key edit you don’t need to reselect.


Thank you guys.