2 questions about File Browser and Track volumes

Hi everyone,
I have 2 questions about Cubase 11 Pro’s “File browser section” and “track volume”.

  1. I need to see & sort (if needed) my audio files as duration in the File browser section , but there are only some kind of sort options like “Name”, “Rating”, “Sub catagory”, “Sample rate”…etc. but not “Duration” info… Can I add a new sort info (Duration) as a column in the file browser section?

  2. Is there a quick and easy way to set the all track’s volume level to the default value (point 0) ? I have tried the q-link thing but it did not work. After selecting all the tracks I used in the project, I need to make all volume faders positioned to the default value zero. Now I do it track by track and it consumes so much time…

Thanks in advance.

Q-Link should work on this, make sure you have the absolute mode enabled (Abs)


  1. In the MediaBay, you can define own Attributes. Show Right Zone, clic, to Configure Defined Attributes and click the + button. In the Media category, you can see Duration attribute.

  2. You can call the default value (0dB) by holding down Ctrl/Cmd modifier + click to the parameter (fader). But this doesn’t work together with the Q-Link, which allows you to set multiple parameters at once (moreover Q-Link works with relative values, not absolute). So it seems, this is not the way. In the Functions Menu of MixConsole, there is Reset MixConsole Channels (then you can choose either all channels, or selected channels). But this will also remove the Insert effects, Channel Strip and Sends routing.

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There is a button that enables an absolute mode, maybe it’s hidden by default?

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Oh, you are right…

Then enable the Abs button, enable Q-Link button and Ctrl/Cmd + click any fader of selected channel.

@Martin.Jirsak we learn every day something new :wink:

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@Martin.Jirsak @st10ss Thank you so much for yor help.
Both of your suggestions to my 2nd question are OK for me because I do not have any modification on my Insert effects, C.Strip and Sends…etc. in my project. So, that 2 ways solve my problem, thank you :pray:

But I couldn’t do the “Duration” thing, I do what @Martin.Jirsak told but although I checked the “duration” box in media bay, I still can not see duration on File Browser. You can see it below, I would like to see the checked attributes in File Browser, but all attributes besides I wish to see are on the list :slight_smile:


Could you help me on this?


Can you see the attribute if you scroll left or right? What kind/type of media do you browse?

Yes, I can see some kind of attributes but not Duration as a column… As I mentioned, I have checked 4 types of attributes but I still have the default ones in the list I think. No change.

It is MPEG 1 Layer 3 File (mp3).


Click the cog-wheel in the result list (right-top corner), then go to Media and enable the Duration here. This is the part, where to set up the columns. I’m sorry for misleading.

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Hi again,

No problem at all, thank you, but now I realized that I can not see any of my mp3 files in the MediaBay Results. I can see them in Media tab at the right side of Cubase. I already prefer to use this “Media Tab” while working. I need to see and sort by Duration right there. Do you have any idea how to set up these columns on the right hand side?

Ok, I could do what I want.

With this “Include Folders and Subfolders” button, I could be able to see all my files, and I understand that all the files’ “Results” can be adjusted seperately.

Thank you so much for your support :pray: