2 Questions About Project Window

Hi everyone,

I have 2 questions about the project window.

  1. As you all know, we have “Inspector” and “Visibility” tabs on the left side, and we see the selected track on the Inspector. Is it possible to “pin” a particular track or Group, which is Group, in my case, and is it possible to see it all the time at the top, along with any track we navigate last.

  2. Is it possible to search for an mp3 file, let’s say “Audio 1” mp3 file imported to project, right on the project screen? I need to see when I have used a particular mp3 file without leaving the project window (a method other than the Pool page)

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ad 1) The Left Zone Inspector can only show one track at any given time, even if multiple tracks are selected.
You can divide the project into two areas and have tracks that you always want to see in one half, and all others in the other half.

ad 2) Weirdly it is not possible to import audio by right-clicking somewhere on an audio track. There are several ways to import an audio file (.wav or .mp3 doesn’t matter) into the project: menu File → Import → Audio - Pool window, Import button; afterwards drag’n’drop an audio entry into the project or use the context menu - dragn’drop the audio file from Windows Explorer/macOS Finder into the project - use “copy” on an audio file in Windows Explorer/macOS Finder and then right click in the project and select Paste from the context menu
Apparently I misunderstood question 2 completely.

  1. No, unfortunately pinning tracks to the Inspector is not possible. It’s a good idea and I would suggest you make a new thread with the tag “feature-request”.
  2. I don’t believe you can search for used files from the Project Window. Sorry.

Thank you @Johnny_Moneto for your reply

Thank you so much for your support, @mlindeb
I will make a thread for the first issue.