2 Questions - apologies if already covered elsewhere

Apologies again. I have two questions.

  1. regardless of what I choose in the Engraving Options menu, I can’t place a rehearsal mark where it should intuitively be. It always ends up here:

  2. after having created a slash note voice, now, when I write on the normal voice, Dorico keeps creating the rests for the other voice I’m no longer using, and I’m manually selecting and hitting “delete rests”. is there a reason why and a way to avoid it?

Thanks again

Click the last note of the voice (where you don’t want rests after), open the Properties zone (Cmd-8), and select Ends Voice.

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  1. Where precisely do you want the rehearsal mark to be?

I’m sure there’s an easy reason but until someone else tells you, if you upload the project a few of us could fiddle with it.

I guess where I would expect it to be:

Dorico can’t position the rehearsal mark there automatically without it encroaching too much on all of the other things that are clustered there. You should be able to move it there yourself in Engrave mode, however.

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thanks @dspreadbury

If you change the grid to a small value and nudge the tempo and text markings forward one or two clicks using alt-right arrow, this will likely be enough to allow Dorico to position the rehearsal mark automatically. There is simply too much stuff going on at one place for the spacing algorithms to cope with.

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