2 Questions before I upgrade from 5 to 6

  1. If for some reason I don’t like Cubase 6 (doubtful), is is easy to go back to 5?

  2. Will all the audio takes using the “lanes” in Cubase 5 load exactly the same in Cubase 6?


If you upgrade to C6, you will still have a license for C5 and can open projects in that program if you like.

Lanes work the same from version to version.


Sure it’s easy to return to 5 … infact your install of V5 won’t get touched. It can live along side V6 for as long as you want. Just open which ever version you want to work in.

I’d start new projects in V6 and keep working on older projects in 5 though.


We’re talking about the upgrade, correct? Not the full version. I purchased the upgrade for $150 last week.BTW, I am a senior member. Been using Cubase for about 18 years now. I couldn’t log on with my previous info so I created a new profile for the profile.

Thanks for the answers. So important now that support has changed lanes.

I thought the upgrade was $199? Where did you buy it for $150, or do I have it wrong?

You have it wrong. :astonished: from http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/product/cubase-6.html

IT IS amazing that I was wrong, isn’t it? Perhaps I was simply…mistaken…

Anyway, thanks. Sometimes it’s GOOD to be wr…wro… er,…mistaken.

You are mistaken about being wrong, wrong about being mistaken, and it’s all amazing

I hope that clears it up. :neutral_face:


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Hello. I installed Cubase 6 last night. It went smoothly and opens and closes without hitches. I must admit I like the sound and feel of it. And you can choose specific colors for tracks as in 5. And I presume I can open projects in 5 and 6 and save them in both versions, which would be cool for awhile.
One thing I don’t like so far is the lack of clarity in the project window wave forms. 5 was much more pristine and clean. I will work with the manual and see if I can change this a bit.

When I opened a project I am working with in 5, the lanes didn’t come back exactly on one track; I had done a bounce which showed only one take and 6 showed me an additional 2 takes. No big deal, but weird.

I am anxious to finish my projects in 6 but if I can work in both versions for awhile(making a new folder for Cubase 6) I think I’m good.

Perhaps this could be useful, though I haven’t actually tried it …

I wonder if it’s possible to associate different Cubase versions with different “file extensions” - eg make windows open C5 for a “.c5cpr” file and C6 for a “.c6cpr” one? But, meanwhile, still have “.cpr” associated with C6 (or C5)?

– Anyone tried that? Or can anyone say whether or not can be done?

Otherwise, and I hope this isn’t too obvious to mention: it can be helpful, especially while you’re saving cpr files from different Cubase versions, to put the Cubase version at the end of the file name (eg “ProjName_v3_c5.cpr”).