2 Questions from video "Creating a Title Page" (Lillie was participating)

TitlePageLesson_Remanso Transcription 05172024.dorico (3.7 MB)
I have been following along on the “Creating a title video” YouTube lesson
Link: https://www.youtube.com/live/il0ATZ_9UyE?si=rXlxQMK2MusYnorW

I am having problems both understanding and executing. The instructor indicates that Lilly was participating so maybe Lilly or someone else can show me what’s going on.

I have uploaded my project, which is not responding as the instructor demonstrates.
2 Questions

Question 1: Making a new flow (to create a page of musical examples)
(Video location 24:53)

I have saved the project with Setup Mode/Flow 2 visible.

a) What is he doing b) Why is it not working when I try to do it?

Left-hand pane:

He is un-checking players leaving the flute player “checked” Does that signify the current players in this flow? Why do I still see the instrument names? What does “un checking” do?

Right-hand Pane:

He seemed to want to keep the flute layout active and de-activate the other layouts. But I may not be understanding. What is the goal here?

Main problem:
I tried to do this in my score and ran into problems

I successfully created a “musical examples” page with a violin part excerpt. But this excerpt is only visible when “Full Score” layout is “Checked” Why is it not visible if I have the violin part checked?

Question 2 Staff size (right-click) not working in Write mode. (Video location 28:33)

I tried to do what the instructor was doing and, in the musical example, I right-clicked to select “Staff size”

However, in my project, I only got the “%” options in the drop down and “Custom Staff Size” was not visible in the drop down menu. Please try this for yourself in my project. Can you tell me why I am not getting the results the instructor got?

Hi Manny, me again, yes I am indeed the Lillie from the video.

  1. Unticking players from the flow – yes exactly, he’s removing those players from the flow. They don’t exist in that flow at all. But, the players are still in the project, because they need to play in flow 1. That’s why their staves appear in flow 1, but not in flow 2.

Engrave mode, right panel, page template editing – he’s changing which flows are assigned to the default music frame chain. This is what tells Dorico which flows to create pages for automatically: if you remove a flow from this frame chain, Dorico won’t show it automatically. That’s why the mini flow 2 (with just the flute) doesn’t then appear at the end of the layout, after John unticked flow 2 from the music frame chain.

In order for music to appear in a layout, that flow has to be assigned to the layout – ie, when you select that layout on the right in Setup mode, the flow has to be highlighted & checked in the bottom panel in Setup mode.

  1. Custom staff size – are you running Dorico Pro? I think custom staff sizes here are a Pro-only feature.

Lillie –
I was sure “you” were the “Lillie” he was talking about in the video.

I am running Dorico Pro 5 version which I believe is the latest. When I right-click on my music excerpt I see the “60% 75% 100%" but grayed out and no custom staff size option. You can see it if you are using my uploaded project

What was going on in Setup mode RIGHT PANEL? I was following the instructor. Why can I only view my music excerpt when my “full score” layout is highlighted? Again, you can try it in my uploaded excerpt.

The Custom Staff Size option isn’t greyed out for me, including in your project and when I’m running as Elements, so I’m really not sure why it’s greyed out for you. Have you tried closing Dorico and re-opening, just to be sure? Perhaps take a screenshot or screen capture to show us a bit more about what’s going on.

Your flow 2 is only assigned to the Full Score layout. If you select any other layout, you’ll see that Flow 2 in the bottom panel is not highlighted, and its checkbox is empty. That means it’s not assigned to those layouts, and won’t ever appear in them in any form. That’s what unchecking those boxes does :slight_smile:

<<<<< Have you tried closing Dorico and re-opening, just to be sure? Perhaps take a screenshot or screen capture to show us a bit more about what’s going on…>>>>
Yes I closed and re-opened Dorico. Actually I have tried right-clicking “staff size” on every page in both Write mode and Engrave mode and all staff size options are grayed out and custom option is not seen. I have uploaded 2 screen shots of this as well as the “about Dorico” version page.

I have also opened an instructional project created by Dorico. The same “staff size” dropdown menu is grayed out in this piece (not created by me). I have also uplaoded a screen shot.

Does this need to be escalated somehow? I am guessing I somehow “froze” the staff size in a setting somewhere? (other question addressed below)

<<<Your flow 2 is only assigned to the Full Score layout>>> Ok. I am not great with flows and layouts but making sure Flow 2 is checked for violin seems to solve the othe problem. I will go back and review assigning players to flows.

Some other issues with staff size. The manual states:
<<<<In Setup mode, choose Setup > Layout Options.
The Layout Options dialog opens.>>>>

However, Layout Options does not appear in the Setup Drop Down Menu. It does appear when I right-click on a layout (right hand side of the layout page). Did this location change at some time? I have attached screen shots. I can change the staff size from this menu but not using the right-click that the instructor demonstrated.

Also, I am imagining the instructire was only changing the size of the single experpt from Flow 2 but the documentation implies s a Space size changes all selected layouts int he project. But we want to just chage the staff size in the musical excerpt. How is this done?

Hi @Manny_Mendelson to be able to use the staff size options, you have to select something on the staff that you want to affect (a note or a rest on that particular staff). After selecting the item on the staff, right click an choose Staff Size: you will see the % options and the Custom Staff Size… option appear and not greyed out.
Dorico has an intelligent way to show the particular actions/options only for the actual selected items.

Because in your Violin part layout you didn’t create nor assigned a new part page template for the excerpt page. I created this for you (it contains a music frame that shows only flow 2, where your excerpt lives) and I inserted a page template change for the page 1 of the violin part that now uses this newly created part page template (remember that Score and Parts have their separate Page Templates Sets) and now the violin part layout shows your excerpt on page 1.

Also: in the full score you created a music frame directly in the layout (creating an override). I changed it for you, removing the overrides from page 2 of full score (with right click on the page that shows the red triangle in engrave mode, and remove page overrides), and created/modified the excerpt page template for the score (that is different from the excerpt page template of the parts), double clicked it, inserted there a music frame that only contains flow two (where your violin music excerpt lives), and I assigned this page template to the page 2 of the score (the one after the title page).

Here below I attach the file with these described changes. You can study it and see if you can grasp the changes that I described. (The staff resizing where then made directly selecting a note of the excerpt in both full score and violin part and right click->Staff size…->60%, as described above):

TitlePageLesson_Remanso Transcription 05172024-CHANGED.dorico (3.5 MB)

(p.s. when you make screenshots, can you make sure to only choose the window/virtual desktop where your project is displayed? Otherwise the screenshots are too big an a little blurry…)

Christian. Thank-you. I just discovered that I had to select an item. ChatGPT helped me. But thanks for reinforcing. I must have missed or misinterpreted that in the video. As far as the screen shots being too big, I could not use “alt-printscreen” while holding down the right mouse click because when I did, the right-click menu went away and I would not be able to demonstrate the problem. Otherwise, I would definitely have used it :slight_smile:

@Manny_Mendelson I added something new to my previous post. You may want to check it again (I included also the changed file… :slight_smile: )

Christian - Thank-you. I am just trying to follow the instructional video (below) and doubt I can grasp your changes, but I will try. Do you do any consulting in Dorico?