2 questions: no Barlines & Layers

  1. What I need, is a arrangement, without barlines. Is this possible with Dorico elements/ pro? And if… where or how?

  2. How can I make layers? … neccessary for writings notes with different lenghs on top of each other in one bar.

(the first question has nothing to do with the second)

Thanks for your help!!

Welcome Catarina!
You can use an open time signature (shift-T to invoke the time sig popover, then type open, enter).
Layers are called voices in Dorico. By default, it’s first upstem voice that is active when you start note entry (shift-N). If ypu need to create new voices, type shift-v, then write your music in the new voice. Notice how the little “note” changes to the bottom left of the caret. You can toggle through existing voices typing v (without shift).
Hope it helps

Edit: apologies for the typo, it’s shift-M for invoking the time signature popover, thanks Lillie! Shift-T is for the tempo popover!

It’s Shift-M for the time signatures (meter) popover, but otherwise Marc’s exactly right - you don’t have to have time signatures in Dorico. You can either input no time signature at all, or input an open time signature.

If you want to control beam grouping in an open time signature, you can do that manually e.g. by beaming notes together or splitting beams.

For users familiar with the term “layers”, there are alternative keywords in the manual that should bring up relevant information, e.g. here.

Thank you very much for your quick answer.

Maybe you could please help me with this too:
I´m not sure jet, if cubase or dorico is better for me (at the moment I´m checking out the trialversion of Dorico) **
Does Cubase have voices and no time signiture/ no bars in it´s ScoreEditor?**
I need the producing part and I´m used to work with the keyeditor (until now with Ableton and Reaper for the note/scoreediting) and wanna work with the score and write - or correct my own composition too.
I chose Dorico because there is a keyeditor - but for my opinion it´s not very handy. What do you think?

Cubase does not support open meter in the way that Dorico does, so if that’s an important requirement for you, you will need Dorico.

Thank you! Your answers helped me alot. I like dorico
more every day! :slight_smile: