2 Questions on the new VariAudio

  1. When used as in C6.5 (i.e., as a pitch corrector not a harmony generator) - is there any difference in the sound of a VariAudio’d note? I.e., has the algorithm itself changed?

  2. How much artifact is there when generating a harmony of a 3rd or 4th, or even a greater interval? I know in the C6.5 version, dragging it even a few cents would make the harmony sound unnatural.

Thanks for any words of experience from C7 users!

1 - No difference, it’s the same algorithm with extended capabilities
2 - Still no formant capabilities, so a lot of artifacts…
Although variaudio is a fantastic tool, in voice manipulation, melodyne still rules…

Thanks, Jules!

“… extended capabilities…” - do you mean the ability to line up multiple vocal tracks in the same window? Or is there something else too?

I actually just posted in the “issues” section about how using the segment tool makes tuning unusable. I’m pretty bummed about it. http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=179&t=30365

This is sad news indeed…One thing you can do to avid this “Chipmunk” effect, is to first use the elastique pro formant pitchshift algos in the sample editor to get the voices in the approx. range, and then use the variaudio to get the correct diatonic voicings.