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Hi there,

Where can i change settings for notes, so when i select all notes, i can move them all together, and not just one note at time, like now, by default. (note lenght)

Cubase Essential 5

Cubase Artist 7 i can change just one note lenght at time.

And second, where can i change settings, so if i click-open on selected midi part while transport bar is playing, then i see area where play locator is positioned and not part that i want to edit, while playing in realtime.

Cubase Essential 5

Cubase 7 Artist

I want to change settings in Cubase Artist 7, to behave like in Cubase Essential 5.


i’m not sure what you mean exactly but if you select the notes you want to move at once by dragging around them
you can move all at once…

second question, when opening midi events , the reason it opens that event and doesnt jump to the location of the playhead is, cubase is deisgned to work around events, if you want to write a new midi part at the playhead… make a new midi event at that part, dont double click a part earlier in the project, that’s not the best way to work in my opinion

Thanks Xtigma for your reply and answer.

“Question updated with movie files”

Sorry, i know, i wasn’t quite clear about what i want,
so i record short movie files to demonstrate what i had in mind.

I want to set up Cubase Artist 7 like in Cubase Essential 5 by default.


#1 don’t change to the pen tool, you can move all at once by just using the select tool… you can do most things with the select tool actually, I never use the pen tool. hold the ctrl key down with the select tool enabled and it turns into a pen tool

but to answer your question, just select everything then drag the end of the last midi note

#2 click the little star up the top bar ‘suspend autoscroll when editing’


many thanks for those tips, :slight_smile: