2 quick basic questions..

When punching in cubase during record how do you set it up so that that track will play then monitor on the punch?

When trying to start recording on an off beat the cursor always jumps to the nearest downbeat why and how do you change this?

example: start precount record on the beat just before bar 2. cursor will jump back to bar one…



Preferences …VST……Auto monitoring …tape machine style.

Ah how did I forget that!

Can anyone answer the other question?


If you turn the pre count off, you can start recording at your curser location. But that’s not your problem…

A pre count is giving you a click for a specified number of measures, so it must begin at the start of a measure. It’s not common to count off starting in the middle of a bar.
But if you DO want to do it that way, open the metronome setup, and you can create a pre count of any length by ticking “use signature” and changing it to the number of beats you want for a pre count.

Or you can change the time signature of that bar so you are recording on the downbeat, if that’s what you want.

Or you can punch in.

Without the context of seeing your situation, I think the best thing is just to allow cubase to begin recording at the start of the previous bar.
Hope that helps…

great ill check that out … thank you!