2 Samsung EVO SSD, 1 question.

I am about to do a clean install on Win. 10, I have a I7 Mobo and processor. I have 2 SSD- 500 gig Evo Samsung. What I was planning to put,on my C Drive, Win. 10, my Vst, Halion 4, Komplete and UAD plugins on my C Drive . I also have a Samgung 500 gig drive as a D drive for my audio. One question, should I put the Vst on the C Drive with windows or on my D drive with my audio files. I also still have a 3rd, 7200 RPM sata Hard drive Hitachci hard drive.
I would like to hear various opionions.

Hi you,

I had a similar Setup and I decided to put Cubase plus all VStis on the C drive. All Sound libraries on the second SSD.
The Cubase Audio files/Projects were stored on a normal fast hdd. This worked like a charm.
Maybe the size of your Projects (number of tracks) is relevant.

In my latest DAW I have 3 SSDs, one for all programs (Windows, cubase, all vstis…), one for all Sound libraries (Komplete 10 Ultimate and others, of course as well the cubase Sound libraries) and one for the cubase Projects.

Cheers, Ernst

I also have a similair setup as the poster above:

SSD C-drive (512 GB samsung evo Pro): windows/cubase/VSTs
SSD D-drive (240 GB): Samples, sound libraries (omnisphere), own midi-loops
SSD E-drive (480 GB): empty
HDD F-drive (1 TB WD enterprise black): cubase project back-up
HDD G-drive (512 GB): cubase projects
HDD I-drive (512 GB): Backup
HDD J-drive (512 GB): empty
SDD H-drive (120 GB): empty

External HDD 2 TB: Back-up C-drive
NAS 4TB: Back-up

It doesn’t matter which SSD you pick, a daw will get nowhere near the potential bandwidth of one SSD - let alone two. Depending on whether you have tonnes of memory or not - set a nice 32- 64gb static paging file on one of the SSDs - then if you do page you’ll hardly notice.