2 silly/easy questions on workspace

Hello. Couldn’t find answer in 10 mins on google so trying here, sorry for the simplicity of the questions.

  1. Anyone know how to setup the ‘Help’ menu so that when you select Cubase Forum to come here it opens up in Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge? I have Chrome setup as default on my PC but for some reason it opens up Edge when I come via Cubase’s menu.

  2. See screenshots. I’m watching a beginner course on using Cubase 13 and my workspace is different than the one in the teacher’s screen, which has more options. I can’t find how to expand my toolbar for the additional options seen in the second screenshot. Probably very basic answer.

Thank you for your help.

Click on the circled icon to configure what gets displayed.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately when I open and try clicking / unclicking each of the options none of them add the extra buttons in the top menu (which is what I’m looking for specifically). For example the Pools menu or the Configurations menu options. Any ideas? Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Maybe this helps clarify my question. Attached is a picture of the top right of my tool bar vs the top right of tool bars I see on videos and screenshots others have. Others seem to have a button with a single gear, as well as a gear with a ‘[’ symbol. I only have the latter, and am missing the single gear button that probably solves the problem. Any ideas how I can get access to that button?

Gear button different than others 2

IF this is what you’re looking for, right-click the toolbar. Be aware that, even if an item is checked, it mat not be visible if the window isn’t wide enough.

The other screenshot is from Cubase 12.
13 is different.

Can’t help with the browser question - Help opens in my default Vivaldi browser.

Brilliant, the right-click did it. Solved.

And thanks for the opening up browser attempt. If anyone else can help with that first question I would love for it to open in Chrome instead. Thank you so much again.

My default is set to Firefox. I discovered it will open in either Edge or my default depending on where in the Hub I open it from.

So it seems preset than without being able to change it to your default browser. Thanks for checking and thanks everyone. Problems solved. :slight_smile:

I think there must be an overlooked setting on your OS thta opens this in Edge instead of Chrome on your computer. This is what a help link in Cubase looks like;

It is an OS setting.

I think the OP was using the link at the bottom, which seems hard connected to Edge, and not the one in the Help menu.