2 silly questions -- automation points / Cubase filing

Hey everyone –
Recently updated from 7.5 to 9, and I have a couple questions.

– When I click on an automation point, I’m not seeing its current value like I used to. Any suggestions?

– I have a question about filing. In the olden days, I’d create a folder in finder, name it what the song was to be named, open a new Cubase window, save it to that folder, and wallah… done. Cubase never auto-created “cubase project” folders in my Finder. But now it has, and I’m ending up w. some filing messiness. Is there a more ideal way to open a new project?


Is your Info Line disabled?

Did you have Preferences > Editing > Tools > Select Tool: Show Extra Info enabled in 7.5 and not in 9?

Ahhh yes, I see it on the info line. But I’d rather it just pop up right above the automation point (as it did in 7.5), so my eyes don’t have to dart across the screen. Unfortunately, the SHOW EXTRA INFO box is indeed checked and not doing the trick!

With Show Extra Info it only shows while you are clicking…