2 simple eLicenser ? for CB Pro 12

  1. If I have CB P 11, Spectral Layers, RAST-A, LoFi Piano on my eLicenser now… will they all transfer off if I upgrade to CB Pro 12?

  2. Let’s say I am on a boat, beach, wherever, that has no Internet connection. If I have CB Pro 12 on my laptop what happens? I won’t be able to log in to my account.


Your existing licenses will remain on your eLicenser. The upgrade to Cubase 12 will convert your Cubase 11 license into a “non-upgradeable” licenses that can’t be used again for another upgrade. It will be left on your eLicenser for backwards compatibility.

Once you have activated Cubase 12 you are free to go offline whenever you like and it will stay activated.

Thank you, so the online activation is a one time thing.

But I’m still not clear, will I need to take the eLicenser with me for Lofi Piano, Spectral Layers, etc.

Or they get activated also under CB 12?

You’ll need to take the eLicenser with you for the time being. We’re still working out the options for migrating older licenses so you can lose the dongle entirely.

Ok, thanks. That’s what I needed. Appreciate the fast replies.