2 Simple questions .. smh

How i don’t know the answers to these questions is beyond me after 12 years a user. . haha smh

Question 1: The timeline, I like to keep at bars/beats, and i also like to keep it set so that I can see the beats rulers, but since 7 seems like i have to zoom in quite a lot for these to visible. Is there a setting to make these visible sooner so I don’t have too zoom in so far?

Question 2: What does cubase call the play bar /cursor? I need to find the settings so that i can set it to where i hit play it will go back there when i press stop.


Good question. I’m not sure, but if you select your Grid Type to Use Quantize and play with the quantize numbers, it can lead to better results. At least you can see grids if not beats in the time line with less zoom.

Preferences > Transport > Return to start position on stop
Don’t blame yourself for not knowing this. It used to be ticked by default in previous versions, so you never noticed.



Please read my post again. I just edited it.
And you’re welcome.

Cheers thanks. Yea I tried that but I still think there may be another way to get the beat counters showing earlier?

Yeah, I’d agree completely, I constantly find that the beat divisions aren’t visible when there’s really plenty of room for all of them within the bar. Seems silly to me.

Actually I’d quite like to see a scheme like an old fashioned ruler where there are 3 lengths of line, long for the bars say, medium for the beats and short for the ‘and’ parts and smaller subdivisions. Otherwise it turns out difficult to interpret most of the time.

You know what I mean…


Yea I agree. I really just like to see those rulers, Im wondering if we are just missing a simple setting here or if its not there anymore at all. I hate having to zoom right in.