2 speakers on 1 channel

Hello everyone
In my audio setup, I have more speakers than channels. For one channel, I use for example a tweeter, 1 woofer… I would like to assign several speakers to 1 nuendo channel (FL, FR…). Is it possible to do this in nuendo? I could do it in my sound card matrix but I would prefer to do it in my DAW. Thanks for your help.

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I don’t understand.

You can have as many channels as you reasonably want in Nuendo, so are you talking about physical outputs?

If you’re talking about physical output limits then you’re forced to deal with it outside of the software, but splitting output signals into multiple cables… in analog.

If you’re talking about basically setting up an “array” of speakers that all play back the same channel, for example two speakers for the left channel and two for the right but both having independent outputs from the interface then all you have to do is create another output bus and select separate interface outputs for that bus, and you then just make sure whatever goes into the main mix bus goes into that secondary one.

It sounds like a pretty bad idea though. What are you trying to achieve?


Thanks for your feedback
I’m mixing a 7.1.4 and I have 18 speakers. So, for example, I have to assign my FL channel to 2 speakers, my FR channel also to 2 channels…
Is this possible in Nuendo?
I ask this because in the Control room, behind each output of a monitor, you can only put one channel!

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I think it would make sense to take care of that outside of Nuendo probably.

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yeah its really easy to do this in nuendo. just duplicate the track you want to have going out two or more speakers and assign it different bus/ hardware outputs (f4)

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However although its easy to do this in nuendo, it may be inadvisable. youll screw the spatialisation up doing this. Ie the bird which in the real world came from one point source will now be coming from two different places (the positions of the two speakers) . Panning will be unfocussed at best a blurry mess at worst. Youre best off not using the extra speakers for point sources or panning maybye just ambiences and very low frequencies where spatialisation is almoat irrelevamt anyway.

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Thank you for your reply. I understand for the spatialization, I will look to do this in the matrix of the sound card.

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You can use the same channels/ports on your input and output busses more than once.
The situation is slightly different in the Control Room. If you have deactivated the “Exclusive Assignment of Monitor Channels” in the Control Room section of the Preferences Dialog, you can use ports in the CR that are already in use on your input or output busses (resp. vice versa). However, within the CR, a port can normally only be assigned once. (Each port is only active once.)