2 Sub or Not To Sub, That Is The Question!

While my system to upgrade to Atmos has been a long, long road already, I was apparently wanting more pain and wondered if there are articles, doc’s or clever suggestions to use a second subwoofer, but dialed for LFE only. Currently I’m setting up a 7.1.4 in the Control Room but I may want to add that sub.
I’m open to thoughts from this brain-trust…
Semper Fidelity,

Always had two subs in our mixing rooms.
No problem at all.


Fredo, BUT do you have a single sub dedicated just for LFE signal alone?

No, both subs are LFE only.

In Post production/Theatrical mixes, the Subs are LFE only.
You might add a tad of Sub/Bass Management through a good B-Chain processor, but in theory your main speakers must be Full Range.

Bass Management is to be avoided.


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Im about to try this out as well.

Should both subs be mono LFE? There is no R+L LFE correct? Essentially a y-cord to both subs?

That’s how it is almost always done on home theater processors. The ones that support more subs do so to time and level align them. They use their mic to set the levels equal and adjust the delays. Once they’ve done that, the subs are treated as a single unit when they are room corrected and for playback.

The reason you have more than one is to level out the bass peaks and nulls, to get a better sound field over the whole listening area.