2 systems how to

My studio is off line but I have a laptop on line and would love to run W8 on both is this possible.

You can do this. But you have to have the eLicenser dongle on the active machine.

thanx got n6 w8 on the same dongle ,don,t like the plug in move plug out idea not a big studio but still don’t want breakages losses etc. can a cheaper second license for same sys be got

You could move the license on another dongle, to have 1 dongle for Nuendo, and another for WaveLab.

I just received this morning my full version of Wavelab 8 and it came with a dongle. I was hoping to use it as a backup for both my Cubase 7 and Wavelab 8 licence but it sounds like you can only have one license on a dongle at one time?

Hey Charlie! That’s right - a license can only reside on one dongle. The second can ofcourse be used to spread licenses, like PG said, or just as a hardware backup for when the old one starts going bad.