2 Systems starting later?

I wonder how to do this in Dorico?

You will probably need to have a custom Page Template with the two Choirs in separate music frames. Then, for subsequent systems another frame with both Choirs.

Either that, or you could fake it for just one stave by using the “add stave below” function, and then reverting to choir 2 after the stave break.


Thanks, @Romanos , but this method has quite a few problems:

  1. I can’t have different instruments for the lower systems (if the playback should be right).
  2. I didn’t find a way to show the brace, clefs and key signatures.

So far I didn’t have to do write something like this, but I wanted to recreate this example, which was originally set with SCORE. It would be great, if Dorico would be able to do this one day. Perhaps @dspreadbury could say, if this is planned for the future. No big deal for me, but I could imagine, that there are a lot of use cases in modern music.

Yes, this looks to me like a pretty simple version of a cut-away score, which we do absolutely plan to support in future versions.


Actually, this IS possible, by turning on the option to have independent voice playback. You could just use up stem 2 or 3 (whatever isn’t being used yet) and assign that to the same VST as the proper instrument.