2 things I love ❤ about Nuendo


Two things, I love about Nuendo 12 are:

  • no more dongle (hooray!) so I can work between systems, without needing to remember anything
  • “No Driver”, shows when no Audio Interface exists (I can edit notation with absolute stability)

With that said, I would like to see the following:

  • Record arm/disarm global buttons
  • Reordering of VST Rack instruments, and i/o




Re-ordering would be really nice, of course but the problem is twofold:

Firstly, you can’t change an instrument, without putting it to the bottom of the “list”, this needs to be corrected first I believe.

Secondly, allowing re-ordering of VST instruments, would negate the need to re-create a project; i.e., to simply to have rack-based instruments, in order.

In addition, to the above points, I would also ask the question:

Why after clicking on a MIDI track, that is connected to a rack-based instrument; does the instrument remain open?

Maybe not a biggie for some on large monitors, but with scroll bars that only show when you click; it can make it difficult to see all instruments at once, i.e., if some are open unnecessarily.


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