2 unsuccessful attempts to download Iconica trial

I have attempted to download the trial version of Iconica Sections and Players but both attempts have failed after downloading well over half of the first, strings download. I was careful to follow the instructions, including updating the Steinberg Download Assistant, downloading the latest version of Halion Sonic SE and downloading the trial license to eLicenser Control Center.

The only thing that appeared possibly wrong was that the Steinberg Download Assistant included only Iconica Ensemble and Iconica Opus for downloading—there was no Iconica Sections and Players. However, as Iconica Opus included the various downloads for Sections and Players (as well as an additional download for Ensembles), I assumed I should download the instruments there that were noted to be from Sections and Players. As noted above, the download started fine both times but failed when over half-way through downloading the first, strings section.

I am unsure what else to try and would appreciate any assistance. I am using a 15" MacBook Pro from early 2013 with 2.7 GHz 4-core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, all running on OS Mojave, v. 10.14.6.