2 UR824 ' s

Is it possible to use 2 UR824’s at the same time in Cubase 9. What I mean is a way of combining them to 1 audio interface because in Cubase you can only select 1 audio interface. So stacking / cascading / combining them should be done differently? (I replaced 2 Focusrite Pro40’s with 2 UR824’s but did not realize that daisy chaining for USB is not possible. The focusrites are firewire devices and firewire is daisy chainable.

I hope there is a way to do this with my UR824’s

Yes. You connect the second one as an ADAT slave unit. Not sure the exact details but here is the basic deal:

You will need two optical cables and one BNC clock cable. ADAT out to ADAT in respectively for both units.

Connect the UR824 that will be the slave unit via USB cable. Open the dspMixFX program and set it to be the ADAT slave A. I don’t remember exact steps but when you get it right the ADAT A light will be lit on the face of the UR824.

Then unplug the USB. Plug in the main unit via USB and open the dspMixFx program again. This time you will setup the ADAT A inputs. Make sure to set this one as the internal clock. The main unit will be the only one connected via USB.

It has been a long time since I set this up. I actually have 3 interfaces chained this way. I contacted Sweetcare support via phone for the exact instructions.

This should at least point you in the right direction.

Best to ya!


Yes! I got them working together. Many thanks for the instructions. The only thing I did not need was the BNC cable.
That’s because I selected ADAT as clock source.

Glad you got it sorted.

You can use ADAT as the clock source but I was recommended to use the BNC cable for better accuracy.

For $6 why not. :slight_smile:

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