2 USB or not 2 USB

Hi, i bought CB8 many moons ago, upgraded to CB 9 but i have had to replace 2 usb sticks in the process to date because of the weakness in their build, my question is

  1. can i transfer the data/license from the Steinberg stick to a more durable branded usb stick
  2. do i have to insert the stick every time i want to use CB or can i run it the license from onboard my laptop?
    Thank you

No idea about other usb dongles but you can’t run Cubase without it plugged in

Thank you, so it’s not like a software elicense where the license can be on the machine it was installed in and does not need a dongle, and then it can be installed on another machine but can only be operated with the usb dongle?

Depend which version you have but if it’s the full version or Artist then the licence is on the dongle and Cubase will not run without it.

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Thank you