2 USB ports for- interface, Elicenser, harddrive ?

Hi folks - sorry of this seems like a basic question. I just came from Protools and am just starting on Cubase. It’s the 1st time I’ve used an E Licenser. I’m on a Mac book with 2 USB ports and I’m using the Steinberg UR22 interface. I typically like to (work and) store onto an external hard drive.
The interface uses one USB port. The E Licenser uses the 2nd USB port. Where does the external drive (for storage) plug into? I’m out of USB ports and that’s what the external drive uses. What am I missing ??

You are missing further USB ports obviously :wink: Use a hub or backup your stuff without Cubase or UR22 running, that’s it.

Anyway, welcome to the Cubase universe! - in which you won’t find much dongle lovers, but Steinberg propably won’t change their authorization system for years to come.

Honestly? :astonished:

Suggest that you purchase a powered USB hub to reduce the likelihood of issues.

Also… FWIW, I actually like the USB elicenser.

Regards :sunglasses:

thanks folks ~ that’s kind of what I thought …
… seems a little ghetto to have all that stuff hanging out of a laptop with a hub
but if that’s the way it’s done and what everyone else here is doing, so be it.

love the platform so far