2 vocal tracks recorded with 1 amp and 2 different preamps sync problem

I recorded a vocal with one large diaphragm mic split to 2 vastly different preamps. It worked exactly as I’d hoped, until I left the room and let an assistant engineer do some recording and editing on one tune. Not sure what he did, but there is now flanging between the two tracks, and I suspect it’s because instead of just moving the events, he somehow managed to change the length with vari-audio, because when I went to do offline processing on a clip to disguise the flanging, a message appeared saying “This operation may invalidate the VariAudio data.” Further, when I went to re-edit some parts he messed up, a message said “The tracks in this folder are not completely in sync. Group editing could fail!”
Any ideas to get these tracks back to normal besides not using one of them? Thanks.

The original files should be there… it’s non-destructive editing all the time.

Thanks, Stefan. Would that were so. The thing that puzzles me is that the 2 events in question have different start times and one is marked “elastique” and the other “standard”. I have no idea what the rookie engineer did. I don’t see that the original recordings are saved anywhere.

-Brian Wilson

Check the pool…

Thanks. That’s where I’m looking. 2 files recorded at the same time with the same audio have different starting points and one is labeled “elastique”. I assume that’s why they flange and I cannot process them Offline.