2-Way MIDI CC communication on Selected Track?

I have over the past year or so steadily built TouchOSC and Lemur layouts to control all of my sample libraries. It’s great cause I no longer have to remember what MIDI CC does what for each library. I just open the TouchOSC page and move the slider called Dynamics, Tuning, Legato, etc.

The app transmits MIDI CC info which is recorded onto whatever track is selected and/or armed. This works great as far as 1-way communication is involved.

What I have always wished for however is a way to have Cubase send the midi data recorded on the track and/or on the midi automation track back to my TouchOSC device so when I select say, Violas after being on Violins, all the TouchOSC faders update themselves so I can see quickly where everything is. This would also make overwriting CC data easier.

I’ve looked into creating a generic remote, but any of the options for “selected” are only functions that are part of the actual track functionality. I can’t find any way to just send the CC data back out the remote.

Is there anyway for cubase to send whatever MIDI data/automation that exists on a selected track back to a MIDI device?


Before it comes up:

Yes, I know that Quick Controls can achieve this to an extent. Unfortunately it means your remote must be set to the same 8 CC’s for every track which won’t work in my situation as most of my sample libraries require more than 8 MIDI CC’s to use their full functionality. And different libraries use wildly different CC’s.

For example LASS uses upwards of 17 CC’s to be able access everything on the fly.

I’m really looking for the simple ability of a remote fader to pass CC87 to a selected track in Cubase, have the CC info recorded, and then update itself when the track is played back. (but have this ability duplicated 20 or so times)

would love to know how to do this too, if anyone’s figured out a way.

Not having a TouchOSC myself, I am “shooting in the dark” here a little, but would the following do what you intend?..
(I presume you have MIDI Thru enabled?)
Use a MIDI Send on each MIDI track, routed to the TouchOSC, possibly with a Transformer FX inserted on the Send, to filter out everything except the relevant CC# data (might not even be necessary :wink: )
OTOH, make sure that the returning CC#s don’t get sent thru the TouchOSC back into Cubase again! :wink:.