2 way talkback - Control Room <-> Rec Room

During tracking sessions I frequently need to setup an extra mic in the recording room to communicate with the musicians. The Control Room section in Cubase only allows 1 Talkback input, that I usually use for me, but whenever I need to listen to what the musicians are saying, unless its vocals, I need to add a normal audio track and enable/disable monitoring between takes, while enabling/disabling my talkback mic. This is a clumsy workaround that could be simply avoided if the Control Room allowed to control more than 1 Talkback input.

Let’s say we have 4 rooms: one for Drums, one for doublebass, one for a piano, one for a brass section.

If we could setup 4 listen channels in those 4 rooms and have them controlled via the Control Room with just one click, along with my talkback mic, that would be super. No need for outboard gear or creative workarounds. Just workflow made simple.

Check out Mutomatic by Sound Radix - it’s free and will allow you to set up listen channels to do what you want.

Not quite the same as having this function built in as you describe, but an easy workaround.

Thanks for the hint, looks interesting, I’ll check that!

What I usually do is creating a “TALK” folder with all the needed “talk & listen” channels inside and activate/deactivate the folder’s monitor icon with a key command, but since there’s a built in talkback in Cubase’s Control Room, it should be updated to make it useful in scenarios where listen mics are necessary.