20 20 (re)Vision(s): electric basses, acoustic nylon and electric guitars, plus DAW synth and drums

Here’s my first new track in a little bit, and the first of this new year. That certainly relates to the song title and comments you’ll note when giving a listen.
On the musical end of things, this started with the Warwick 6 String Bass you’ll hear in one channel. I was actually playing around on that bass with the Crotales in Groove Agent and came up with a pattern from them that I’d hoped to develop. Much of that was abandoned for the more conventional drum track here, but it gave birth to the 6 string bass performance, which covers a lot of the melodic and harmonic basis of this tune. I then added a separate Halion synth along with some more subtle touches from the Groove Agent Crotales.
What then came in was a nylon stringed Godin guitar playing different melodic and harmonic lines along with the 6 string bass. Then I added a separate Fender Fretless bass track that I wanted to lock in more with the drums. Finally, the short electric guitar solo was done with a PRS SE Custom 24. All of the bass and guitar sounds were played and processed through a Boss BB-1X going into sounds I’ve come up with in the Line 6 Helix Native plugin.
This was all done in Cubase Pro 10.5.
Thanks for listening, if you do, and for any impressions or comments.


Hi Swetch,
I listened and felt “clarity and purpose” as you wrote. Well done mix, in particular in the mid. we can hear all the instruments clearly. I think the lead nylon guitar (higher notes) should be little bit more vs the other one. Perhaps with more moving usage of panning between these 2 lines.

You could add a small paause, like leaving time to breath the final chord of the part before starting the next one.

True that since the very first notes, it was just “you”. I can now recognize your style!

This music epitomizes your style.

Everything was perfect including the nylon guitar.

I liked the part done by nylon guitar.
It’s great.
And praise be to your style.

Thanks for the kind replies and glad to hear that the track and mix are generally pleasing. I’ll once again give some props to the Helix Native plug-in and their “impulses” for the acoustic guitar sound.