#20 Remember When?

#20 in the song a month until the petition to stop gets big enough is a rose tinted view of days gone by…share, enjoy and stay safe good Steinberg fellow users.

This sounds like the mixing would not have been quite finished on this tune (e.g. the horns which join in at the beginning of the tune are way too loud) and also otherwise this appears somewhat chaotic to me.

Nic sent me a personal message not to bother listening to his songs as I don’t understand them. I will definitely heed his advice. However, it seems to me that he’s done with the song a month project if this is the way he reacts to comments.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.
I don’t consider your comments constructive (unless you agree with me that chaos is a good thing?) but am glad to hear I won’t be seeing them any more.

Next song up soon.

As an aside this isn’t as far as I am aware a mixing critique forum. I belong to several of those already. I come here to listen to what other folks are doing with Steinberg and share my own completed work.