.20 Score Settings - Where has all the text gone?

Score Settings -> Staff -> Main, Options, Polyphonic & Tabulature Tabs all have invisible text. Really not helpful!
Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 13.16.44.png


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

It looks OK here on my side in the macOS Dark Scheme. My guess is, the values are there, they are just not visible. Once you click to the field, the pop-up menu should appear and you should see the selected value. Can you confirm, please?

It’s still the same in Safe Start mode. This was working fine in 10.5.12.

The values for some items are still there - for example Display Quantize. It’s a pain, but you can select the correct setting and it works fine.
However some of the boxes are almost impossible to use - Display Transpose Semitones for example.
And the Option and Tablature tabs are just plain unusable - nothing is visible as there are no dropdown selection boxes.

The colour schemes make no difference. This has changed again though right? There is no longer a separate Colour Schemes tab, there is now one of these terrible custom windows that looks half finished with the schemes unlabelled so there’s no clue as to what they are for!

And I see that in the Preferences -> Scores -> Colours for Additional Meanings there are now a couple of extra items over 10.0.50 (I’m not yet going to revert back to 10.5.12 just to check these issues)

Has fiddling with all this messed things up I wonder?


You cannot fix it. This is a bug. Their was an issue in the macOS Dark Scheme. It was fixed, but this is the side-effect.

Already reported to Steinberg CAN-29017


Same problem here…