.20 update killed my mouse wheel

since installing the new update i can no longer use my mouse wheel to change values such as note length or any field where i used to just mouse over and turn the wheel,not liking that…

What!? That’s a real bummer if that’s true.

Works still just fine over here after the update.

I can confirm- here the grid settings dont change with the mouse cursor anymore (arrange and midi editor)- quite a workflow killer

also not working for me anymore, this is really bad as it speeds up working in Cubase enormously!!!
if I knew this would happen, I would never install this update

fix please!!!

Same here. Quantize and grid doesn’t work with the mouse wheel since the update. Definitely a workflow killer.

You mean changing the grid quantize setting with mousewheel?

Yikes learn some hotkeys! for me, utilizing that function - is - what would be a workflow killer. But to each their own, whatever. Sucks when they break things either way I guess.

Same here (Win10 and MacOS X). Normally using the mouse wheel all the time for changing grid modes etc.

I really have no idea, why someone would take that feature away…

But I really would like to have this option back!

Same here on win10, this one really sucks.
Don’t take features with updates.

Same story over here!
Please make sure this feature will come back!