20 year old bug

This behaviour has been around for decades. It affects a few windows in Cubase, many places where you find ‘little black save boxes’.

Take for example, the VST Connections panel, or the Preferences Panel.

Lets say you create a preset and call it ‘my pref’ and save it. You then save either a template, or the project.

In both cases your settings load correctly, but when you look at the panel to find the words ‘my prefs’ (in the little black box), they are not there, there is nothing to tell you that you are now using ‘my pref’ instead of any other settings.

If you have two settings ‘pref 1’ and ‘pref 2’ you wont be able to tell which one you are using.

It seems to me that upon reopening your project, it should tell you.

Worse still, lets say you made some further changes to your preference file. When you go to save it, you can’t see the name before, you type “My prefs”. This time you don’t realise, that you used all lower cases last time. When you look into the drop down box, on a future occasion to get back your preferences, you can see the first ‘my prefs’ file, but you don’t get to see ‘My prefs’ so the second save was useless.

The whole thing needs tidying up and it needs to have a transparent selectable list you can actually see. This effects not just preferences but also VST connections and anywhere you save in these boxes.

If you go to the key editor and down to the bottom LH corner to the tiny folder icon “Controller Lane Set Up|”, the behaviour of this list would be a suitable solution. Code is ready made!

If you go to

It’s a small bug, but it does blindside the users


I have personally noticed this and thought it was strange that the current preset being used is not displayed. I have had to double check over my preferences a bunch times just to make sure my preset is still active.

The only place where the preset name is displayed correctly for me is in the Tracks pane at the bottom, but if you go to the Track Control Settings the preset name is not displayed.

Im not exactly sure what you mean about the 2nd issue as I mostly save over the current preset name by using the same name to save again with.

It would be nice to have the preset names displayed.


The problem is you need to remember the name you previously used in order to write over it with the same name. When you save a file you can see the names of existing files and decide to save it under one of those names or give it a new one. When you save a preset you don’t see anything that shows you the names of existing presets.

+1 this has bugged me for years and years.