%200 new to code - what language should I learn to make optimum VSTs

What language should I learn to make optimum VSTs and what specifically? Do I have to learn everything about this language in order to make VSTs? Or are there certain factions of this code that are only required and the rest I can skip?


VST3 SDK is based on C++,
You have to learn a minimum about Object Oriented programming, read some books…
Check the plugins examples included in the SDK.

Language C++.
From my view, you will need understand a [ pointers ], [ class ], [ inheritance ], [ virtual functions and inheritance ] (it is called polymorphism) and last [ templates ] (not a must but helpfull) . Just basics from everything I wrote, but more you know, it will be easier to work with VST SDK. I think it is possible to do something without know too much, but it will need good tutorials and good documentation about VST SDK and working with it (unfortunately I don’t know about any).

Thank you both fore the replies.

Do you know of any resources, online courses, paid tutorials that are - actually - worthy of investing in where I won’t be saying after “uhhhh, I could have just DIY’d this knowledge faster without spending $”